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Student Clinic

The Healing Arts Center Student Clinic provides a low-cost therapeutic massage with a licensed student therapist currently enrolled in our professional Massage Therapy Training Program (MTTP).

"The pain I was experiencing prior to the massage is completely gone, and I feel light and free."
Patricia C., Student Clinic Client

"If world leaders got a massage during the start of peace talks, there would be fewer wars - I nominate Kathleen [my student therapist] for the job!"
Jamie B., Student Clinic Client

Call today to schedule your appointment
314-647-8080 or toll-free 1-866-647-8080

Clinic Hours:                              
Dates and Times vary and include
Daytime hours, evening
hours and weekend hours

Session Length: 50 Min.
Session Cost: $35

Please arrive at least five minutes prior to your appointment. Appointment times are booked in one hour increments and only on the hour. Clinic hours are subject to change with each MTTP session.

What to Expect from Your Student Massage Therapist:

  • 50-Minute Therapeutic Massage
  • Client Assessment / Interview
  • Private Room
  • Professional Draping at All Times
  • Highest Hygiene and Universal Precaution Standards
  • A Supervisor Will Enter The Room Two Times During Each Session.

When NOT to Receive a Massage:

You should not receive massage therapy when you have a fever, a contagious rash, any type of bacterial infection, or are otherwise incapacitated to travel. If you are not sure whether or not a particular condition is appropriate, simply call our office, and someone will help you make an educated decision.

After Your Visit:
You should expect to find yourself in an unusually relaxed state of mind and body.
You should drink plenty of water to help those toxins that are stimulated flush their way through your system. Massage therapy can also help establish good sleep patterns.

Special Note:
Our student massage therapists are prohibited by law from receiving any compensation while in the training program. This includes gratuities. Please refrain from tipping students. Thank you.